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I am very honored to participate in this Metroidvania JAM. "Cyborg Ninja" is an NES-style ninja action game. I and my friend Jia like well known  original "Ninja Gaiden" and "Castlevania", So  we started trying to combine them two. “Cyborg Ninja” is a super ninja-themed game that has “Metroidvania” core experience, You will play a Super ninja with cyborg  called Katana, fight against evil organizations,  gradually discover secrets.

 This game was developed with Unity5, and I spent nearly half a month programming from scratch, trying to achieve all the operating mechanisms of  " Metroidvania" game, My friend, Zhiyuan Jia, provided me with pixel art support.

Due to limited time, we are unable to original all the art resources, hereby declare,We will gradually replace all the unauthorized art resources in the next work.

Cyborg Ninja is still in development, The game scene is incomplete, so we didn't make a map for the game in this time, which will be in the full version.

In this Jam, I met a friend, RyanUdairam  ( this is his page ),   A music composer who Wrote sound effects  and BGM for "Cyborg Ninja", he is a Passional and Trustworthy guy.

Finally, Finally, My team and I sincerely thank you for trying this demo.

How To Control:


Shift = Full Screen,

Esc =  Window

W,A,S,D = Up,Left,Down,Right,

J = Attack  ( Cancel ) ,  Space = Jump,  K = Confirm

P = Menu.

W= Trigger a conversation.

Xbox360 Controller:

Left Stick = Move the Player, Dpad = Move the Arrow In Menu

RB + X = Ninjutsu,

X  = Attack,   A= Jump,

Y = Cancel.

Start = Menu

Dpad Up = Trigger a conversation.


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Nicely done, any plans to develop further?


I'm appreciate you like this demo,I have been busy making this project,  soI have not updated this project in itch,everything is going well,  I have uploded a new gameplay video about recently progress,I may need more time to create content, including more levels, enemy design, and boss battles. I think I think we can communicate more about  game Designing  

join this server :https://discord.gg/KkrExJt

I look forward to the new dev

euh...where is the link to the demo ?

I hid him because I used some unauthorized art resources until I replaced them. I will spend two years to complete the game. Please pay attention to the follow-up updates.