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Looking good. Unfortunately the rar file has some error and couldn't uncompress all the files.

ok, I have uploaded  the UnityPackage of this game alone,you can download this project ,play and modify it

Looks awesome. Player was not grounding on the floor but fix it and works perfectly. My son enjoyed it a lot, I will make some changes for him and his friends to have a good time with it. thanks again! Happy New Year!

HAHA! Glad you like it ,Thank you and Happy new year!

You said the player is not grounding the floor , I guess  the problem  came from the Physics Collision Matrix and Collision layer is not set correctly,   I'  m going  to upload some Code to fix it  in  a few days,Sorry about that!

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Hello! my name is jet!  I have  about 3 questions to ask!

1. What program are you using to record your  video?

2.  do you have this on the Unity asset store? 

3. could you make a demonstration of importing and exporting characters n such. 

Hey, Moon Robot, thanks for your reply!

haha,sorry for that!Until now, I haven't found a suitable recording software,So I recorded the Demo Video with my iphone to ensure the Smoothness of it.

no,this package is only released on itch Currently,I have not applied for the Unity developer acount yet.

i'm sorry i don't have much time to make a  demonstration of importing and exporting characters or aomething more , but the "Read Me.TXT"  contains some use instructions.

this Project package and demo is free now , you can download it and have a try to make your own beat em' up game. Thank you again! 

i' msorry, i made some mistake,it can be downloaded for free now

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Okay so here is how I'm going to help you. 
 1 Get OBS Open Broadcaster its free and you can record your product.

2.  Honestly I would highly suggest that you should sell the main asset here. Think about it. You  pretty much made a really good asset for a standard Beat 'em up.  I understand it's free and that's cool, but all you really have to do is get rid of the copyrighted stuff. You're pretty much selling the code not the look, so its okay to have stick figures.

3. Also You should make a video on how to import and export other stuff and sell it, Trust me. People on unity are still looking for ways to make beat em ups or looking for some kind of code to help them out.

You said you didn't have time its all good. That's life. Just think about it is all. 

Hi ! Thank you for your valuable advice,the OBS is so cool for recording video,thank you 

and  I will Try to make a simple tutorial for How To make a basic 'BeatEmUp' Machanim 

if  you can support me on My patreon ,That's Enen Cooler, HAHA!!!