·This is a 1980's Style Beat Em' Up Fighting Game I Have Made With Unity for Two Months Weekends.

·The Sprite Souce Were all from Google Pictrue and then Cut Out the background with PhotoShop ,Created Animations, Animator State,Combat System in Unity3D Enging.

·The Following Beat Em UpTemplate  included four playerable levelstages,two controllable main characters,four different Bosses character AI and Enemies AI .

Now I have released this Demo for Free on itch.io, but the UnityPackage and the source code is completely open for 2.00$ ,if you are  a beginner working on making game with Unity Engine,  you can  also get your reference   from "Beat Em Up Template _1.21Version.unitypackage"  to make your  own Beat em' up Style  fighting game.

download and enjoy it,and Support Me ,Thank you all!

PS: If you download The UnityPackageFile(FixTheCollisionTagLayer.unitypackage 686 bytes is used to fix the tag and layer of the  project), the following Documentation File can help you to set the Collision Layer Matrix and Build Scenes Correctly. 

How To Controller:

W,A,S,D :  Move The Character

J : Punch

Space : Jump

Enter : Confirm

Support Me On Patreon :


low Ranger Last Hero modified by Frankiemoggies https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.soundtrackfarm.lowranger


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Beat Em Up Template GamePlay Demo 46 MB
PhysicsManagerSetting.png 37 kB
ReadMe.txt 347 bytes
SceneBuild.png 66 kB
FixTheCollisionTagLayer.unitypackage 686 bytes
Beat Em Up Template For Unity_1.21.unitypackage 116 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

Development log


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Hi interesting to get template where i can pay it? please

thank you for your support ,(^^)

no problem but you didn't say how can  pay if I donate  can i get  the template ?

Yes, if you pay $2, you can get the template, and now the summer sale, it’s 60% off

Can you please port this  to the game maker studio 1.4 Engine?

Sorry,man ,  I am not familiar with game maker yet.

Hey YangBin. This is completely off topic but i am the judge of the game jam u have recently joined. The quality not quantity one. I have judged ur game and it was very fun. I have got one question though. How do u punch in beat em up

Thank you for your judge and you like it , i have no idea why does it off topic, not support controller,or not rpg game?  i can  submit an another game i am working on,it is a Metroidvania  style game with some rpg elements .the question “how do u punch in beat em up”mean  you want to know how i made this game or what else ?forgive me of my poor English 

Deleted post

Thank you, but I don't have an international credit card. If you like, you can simply register  a payal account.

Sorry but paypal is not operational in my country. I am not able to use that.

Where are you from?

Deleted post

ok , I Can send you a copy to your email , would you like to give the address  

Can you please port this  to the Godot Game Engine?

Sorry, I can't port it to an engine I am not familiar with.

Ok. I understand


Good evening Sir,

I am writing to kindly ask your help with this project. In particular, i would need to get some information for building correctly the asset Android and WebGL. Can we get in touch by private message or can i ask you here on this platform? Let me know Thanks Frankie 

Yeah,please come to this discord servebeat em up

Hi, is not possible fire, shall i have a solution for this bug? 

Excuse me,did you mean attack?

please switch the platform in build to android, this is for android, then you will see the button and stick on the screen

If you want it to work on the Windows platform, you can modify some of the code in the“Player” script and change some code for the input to what you want.

Deleted post

 maybe it need to set the collision layer matrix correcttly.

Deleted post

I have realeased a new version of this package fixed some bug and it have a better combat system.

Hi thanks for the great game but I have some errors when I import the game to unity the scene and color are Vibrates (like images ) and the player not shownig ; the only scene worked for me is  << Stage01EasyTouch >> can you help me please !

thank you very much for your playing and suppporting ,! I think the error like image is caused by plugin "easy VHS", please remove the components from the Camera . and sorry for that I supposed the Project you have download was not the lastest version. I Will upload the latest Version Have a more complete combat system Tomorrow. and Thank you again for downloading my work!

yes I fix the color problem , but still no player on the game please upload the latest version thanks a lot :)

Deleted post

I have Uploaded the File named "1.10 Version",

(1 edit)

Looking good. Unfortunately the rar file has some error and couldn't uncompress all the files.

ok, I have uploaded  the UnityPackage of this game alone,you can download this project ,play and modify it

Looks awesome. Player was not grounding on the floor but fix it and works perfectly. My son enjoyed it a lot, I will make some changes for him and his friends to have a good time with it. thanks again! Happy New Year!

HAHA! Glad you like it ,Thank you and Happy new year!

You said the player is not grounding the floor , I guess  the problem  came from the Physics Collision Matrix and Collision layer is not set correctly,   I'  m going  to upload some Code to fix it  in  a few days,Sorry about that!

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Hello! my name is jet!  I have  about 3 questions to ask!

1. What program are you using to record your  video?

2.  do you have this on the Unity asset store? 

3. could you make a demonstration of importing and exporting characters n such. 

Hey, Moon Robot, thanks for your reply!

haha,sorry for that!Until now, I haven't found a suitable recording software,So I recorded the Demo Video with my iphone to ensure the Smoothness of it.

no,this package is only released on itch Currently,I have not applied for the Unity developer acount yet.

i'm sorry i don't have much time to make a  demonstration of importing and exporting characters or aomething more , but the "Read Me.TXT"  contains some use instructions.

this Project package and demo is free now , you can download it and have a try to make your own beat em' up game. Thank you again! 

i' msorry, i made some mistake,it can be downloaded for free now

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Okay so here is how I'm going to help you. 
 1 Get OBS Open Broadcaster its free and you can record your product.

2.  Honestly I would highly suggest that you should sell the main asset here. Think about it. You  pretty much made a really good asset for a standard Beat 'em up.  I understand it's free and that's cool, but all you really have to do is get rid of the copyrighted stuff. You're pretty much selling the code not the look, so its okay to have stick figures.

3. Also You should make a video on how to import and export other stuff and sell it, Trust me. People on unity are still looking for ways to make beat em ups or looking for some kind of code to help them out.

You said you didn't have time its all good. That's life. Just think about it is all. 

Hi ! Thank you for your valuable advice,the OBS is so cool for recording video,thank you 

and  I will Try to make a simple tutorial for How To make a basic 'BeatEmUp' Machanim 

if  you can support me on My patreon ,That's Enen Cooler, HAHA!!!